Photo guidelines: what you can and can’t upload to your Lex profile

You can find the Lex Photo Guidelines here. All photos will be moderated by our team of queer & trans moderators after they’re uploaded. If you see a photo that concerns you, you can submit a report by tapping the three dots in the top right corner of someone’s profile and selecting "Inappropriate photo" as the reason for that report.

Note: please only report someone if they’ve violated our community guidelines - if you don’t like someone’s vibe, you can always block them.

What’s not allowed?

Based on our photo guidelines, here’s what is not allowed in your Lex profile picture:

  • Nudity, including any nipples, or other sexually explicit content
  • Minors, even if they’re in the picture with you
  • Violence, weapons, offensive or illegal content - that includes photos depicting drugs
  • Images that aren’t your property, or a misrepresentation of your identity

As Lex often contains sexually explicit content, you might be asking yourself why things like nudity aren’t allowed. The main answer? Consent!

While text posts can include content warnings, there’s no way to warn someone what they’ll see when they visit your profile. We ask that you wait to share suggestive images with someone until you’ve received their consent.

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