What do the reactions and bookmark icons mean?

Reacting to a post

The heart means that you Like someone's post. You can also react to a post by holding down the heart icon and hovering over the reaction you wish to use from the pop-up menu. Once you've hovered over the reaction you'd like to use, release your finger from the screen to make the selection. Here's a quick overview of the different reaction options: 

  • Heart: you like it! 
  • Laughing face: you think it's funny! 
  • Sad face: show some sympathy
  • Fire icon: hot post
  • U-Haul truck: let's do it! 
  • Rose: it's romantic
  • 100: you're all in. 

Bookmarking a post

The bookmark means that you saved someone's post—only you are able to see the posts you've saved, and the author of the post will not be notified if you've saved their post. You can tap on the bookmark in the bottom toolbar to view all of the posts you have saved. 

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